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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Lookie Look what I got

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How kewl is that an award whoohh

Thanks so much RyLee This n That Scraps

Now I have a real hard problem which 7 blogs am I going to give an award to lol
I have so many favourites

Ok here goes in strict alphabetical order so it don't look like I am favoring one over another lol

Bluebirds Blog 

Fi's Fault

Jays Blog (Heartbeatz Creationz)

Lori (Doodles from my Noodle)

PinkuPixie Don't ya just love that name I do lol

TammyJo's Creations

A dear friend who I really need to play catch up with sorry sweetie 


ohhhhh deary me lol

Sorry folks you may have guessed as the other flutterbuts were called set 1 that there is another set and well you guessed correctly

soooo here is set 2 more in this one and the greyscaled version is included


Download them HERE

Hope you enjoy playing with them don't forget you may do as you wish but please don't claim as your own work cuz well that's just not nice

ohhh I meant to say before that these were born from an easy little tut that you can find HERE

Hugs loves and angel kisses Tracy 

A Host of Golden Daffodil whoooopssssss

hehehehe strike that we don't have any daffydils as my daughter used to call them what we do have instead is butterflies or as I call them Flutterbuts heeh those that know me will know how much I love my butterflies others that know me will also know that I say that a butterfly is an angel in disguise for those that don't believe but hey thats just me what ever you believe I love them.

I was asked why I called myself Kissedbyawhisper soooo I thought I would tell you all why..

As you know from what I wrote here I adore flutterbuts, some years ago I was working in my garden and along came a butterfly and I stopped my work and watched her flit amongst the plants stopping here and then stopping there, I watched this little butterfly for what seemed like hours  as she went about her business of collecting nector from my flowers in fact I was almost envious that she had the gentleness to land on a flower without even moving a petal... anyway after a while the butterfly decided to fly away and I was a little upset to think my diversion to my weeding had come to an end, sometime later she came back but this time to my amazement she landed on my face... whoohhoo I have never felt anything so soft yet something that caused me to have goosebumps.

A few days later I was trying to think of a Yahoo ID when I remembered that butterfly and thinking about her made me think that I had been Kissed by a Whisper soooooo Kissedbyawhisper was born .. see told you I am really a big old soft romantic and romance doesn't just have to be about love and all that heartache either....

Anyway Butterflies

Set 1 including the greyscaled version ok


Download HERE

Huggers Tracy 

Take 12...

Happy Wednesday to you all,

Well so far so good as this morning its not raining yeahhhhh bet ya by dinner time it is though lol... I am totally fed up with all the rain we are having... the world is so unbalanced here we are this little island that is constantly rained on so much so that one of these days I am sure we will sink heheh and then on the other side of the world they are in drought conditions its hard for me to imagine a country that has to account for even a teaspoon of water when I am growing webbed feet to cope with the amount of water we have ... ohhh well no good complaining or moaning about it as there isn't a thing I or anyone else can do about it.

So on a more cheerful note how about some pretty bright flowers to cheer me oppps you up lol Cheer us all up I mean 8-)

Hope those on the other side of the pond are all safe what with Gustav and Hanna and whoever else is blowing along your coast line and up your garden paths....

ohhhhhhh yep some pretty glassy flowers for you to play with I forgot to save one of these as a greyscale image so that you can alter the colours easier but as I started with a greyscale they should be easier to alter back, if you don't know how to do that yourself please give me a shout and I will tell you... well only if you use PSP don't know about PS lol

ok heres the preview download  link is underneath

These flowers are quite large ready for you to downsize they look rather cramped on the preview , there are 12 in the zip ok


Download them HERE 

Have some fun with them 

hugs Tracy 

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Autumn Splendor Kit

Hi Folks

A message has been left stating that the link for the Autumn Splendor kit doesn't work, I don't know what is going on with it as it works for me so just in case anyone else is having a problem with it here it is again

Hugs Tracy

PS try cutting and pasting to a new browser window if all else fails leave me a message with your email addy and I will post it direct to you ok 8-)

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Made a BooBoo

I meant to tell you I made a booboo when I made the Funky Retro kit.... GRRR to me..

I always add a shadow to everything that I put into a kit for the preview AFTER I have already saved the pieces well for some reason I added the shadows to the mini templates then saved them made up the preview closing out each part as I went along well when I came to zip the kit up I realised that I had saved the templates with the shadows instead of without  grr 

I know some of you are way more talented than I am and I am sure that you will beable to remove those shadows, I am no good at tubing always make such a mess of it lol anyway feel free to remove the shadows.

Sorry about that 

hugs Tracy 

Funky Retro

When I was makiing this mini kit a phrase kept going round in my head I have no idea where it came from but it was 'Funky Retro Cowboy' ummm sooooo I decided that I would make 2 previews one with a cowboy and showing a way to use the kit, I will confess that I don't create scrapbooks or layouts so will tell you that I don't really know how these things go together lol but I do create an aweful lot of Incredimail stats and tags and have of course joined the latest craze of scrapper tags so with that in mind I suppose you could say that what I created was a giant scrapper tag lol.

The photo is of myself (yuck hate it) and my very own cowboy who never rode a horse but instead rode a motorbike and now rides it in the sky of course this is my very own space cowboy my darling son Nathan Jon the photo was taken at my nephew's wedding a few months before Nathan died.. anyway this 'tag' created a lot of emotion here I can tell you, tears rolled down my face as I put it together to show you ... that said I hope that you like it and don't laugh too much at this cowboy saloon gal,  in case you are wondering as to why we were dressed in such a manner for a wedding well my nephew Aaron is gay and had a 'brokeback mountain' themed wedding it was great fun with cowboy beans gingham clothes and all sorts of other 'cowboy' themed food and whathave you.

OK enough chit chat 

The kit contains way too many buttons lol there are 10 of them 

8 Vellum patches 4 with texture 4 without

5 Ribbons not sure if they really go with this kit or not umm

2 staples 1 crossed

and 4 Torn overlayed papers:

Here is the tag that I made below is the preview of the kit and download link is below that.

Hope you have fun with this one.




Download the Funky Retro Kit HERE